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Other Fostering Resources

Every Child Oregon

Every Child mobilizes communities to uplift children & families impacted by foster care in Oregon. They provide meaningful ways for anyone and everyone to engage with the child welfare system. They help guide people through the licensing process and answer questions about foster care. Every Child provides relational, community, and tangible support for families. Through their OUR neighbor program, they meet tangible needs by filling online requests from foster families. They also run Foster Parent’s Night Out, which is a free night of childcare from 3-7pm once a month. To get connected with FPNO, have your caseworker send in a referral.


Resource (Foster) Parent Community Resource Guide

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With Love Oregon

With Love's mission is to help foster families change the lives of children ages 0-6 by providing resources that nurture dignity, hope and community. They are a non-profit organization honored to support foster families by providing safe, clean, and quality clothing and supplies for children ages 0-6. They strive to provide foster families with everything they may need, from clothes to car seats and toys to diapers, so they can focus on loving their little ones.

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Project Lemonade

Project Lemonade inspires self-esteem to help youth in foster care thrive.They provide: 

  • new and on-trend clothing, free for youth ages 5-24. In-store and virtual shopping are available. 

  • Paid job experience at the Project Lemonade Store for youth ages 16-24. Small grants (up to $400) to offset the cost of youth activities and experiences.

  • A group for teens and young adults that includes 1:1 mentorship, events, resources and financial incentives.

  • Scholarships to support students attending college, trade school or other additional education.


Phone: 503-395-3976
Email: info@projectlemonadepdx.or

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Bridge Meadows

Bridge Meadows uses the power of community to help children heal from the trauma of foster care. Their program includes high-quality affordable housing, therapeutic programs, and intergenerational community support for foster families. 


Phone: (503) 953-1100

Interested in living at Bridge Meadows? Email:

Howard’s Heart

Howard's Heart is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing individual and non-transactional support for teens, 13-21, in the foster care system within Multnomah County (Portland, Oregon). They fill special requests from teens, do a backpack/school supply drive, provide hygiene products, and do a holiday gift drive. Their caring community of activists work to amplify the diverse and frequently marginalized voices of teens and fulfill personal requests that are as varied as their lived experiences. Every young person deserves respect, dignity, and the necessities of life. They strive to challenge the systems designed to overlook them by asking for, listening to, and centering their needs.

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Email:  Phone: 503-512-0925

Boxes of Love

Boxes of Love provides large boxes of new clothing, shoes, pajamas and other comfort items to babies and children entering foster care from local hospitals and on a private request basis. They serve children within the first 60 days of them entering foster care.  



Phone: 503-502-9044

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Kindred Matters

Kindred Matters aims to build strong connections through education, recreation, shared memories and camp for resource families and separated siblings throughout the state of Oregon. Their KINnect Events and Sibling Camps are designed specifically to provide siblings living separated in out of home care with opportunities to be together in a fun, childhood setting. Their Family Camp programs provide Oregon resource/foster, kinship, guardianship and adoptive families with avenues for continued education and community building in a camp setting. 


Phone: 458-488-9356

Boys & Girls Aid

Boys & Girls Aid serves children and teens through three therapeutic foster care programs. They serve youth who need extra support by connecting them with care that’s a step up from traditional care. Boys & Girls Aid provides extra support and a wide range of services, such as the following, to help its families along the journey:

  • Specialized training to prepare you to care for children with higher needs

  • Extra financial support ranging from $1,200 - $3,500 a month

  • 24-hour support to answer questions, provide guidance and assist with emergencies so you never feel alone

  • A team of experienced Boys & Girls Aid staff dedicated to helping you succeed as a foster parent  

  • A community of other Boys & Girls Aid foster parents where you can share ideas, advice and expertise with one another

  • Breaks when you need them, with 48 hours of paid time off per month 



Phone: 503-544-7003

Big Star Ranch

Big Star ranch provides horse therapy to youth in foster care. Located in scenic Molalla, Oregon, a specially trained herd of "horse therapists" help students overcome grief, face their fears, build self-confidence, learn to trust, foster a sense of responsibility and develop problem solving skills. 


Phone: 503-913-8680


Project 48

Project 48 exists to provide support to youth experiencing foster care, ages 7-23, by providing essential items and life skills during vulnerable and traumatic transitions. Every youth who receives a care bag from Project 48 receives high quality new backpacks, clothes, shoes, and toiletries that can ease them into a new foster home. The Life Skills Transitions Program provides life skills and job training for young adults aged 17-23 who are currently in or have recently exited the foster care system in the greater Portland area. They provide teens in foster care with bags of fun items during the holidays that they will love. 


Have your caseworker send a referral.

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