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Our Team

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Victoria Johannigman (she/her)

Founder & Board Member

When Victoria's partner John's siblings were in need of a stable and loving home, they became resource (foster) parents in order to be able to support them and help keep the family together. Through the journey of resource parenting, Victoria and John realized the lack of support and opportunities to connect with other families in their position. They set out to build a community to help kids, teenagers, and guardians through the unique ups and downs of foster care. And thus, Elysium Sanctuary was born!

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Valerie Roberts (she/her)

Board Member, Events & Programs

When word about Elysium Sanctuary came out, Val didn't skip a beat in supporting the community in any way she could. As a former pre-school teacher, performing arts enthusiast, and proud mother of two, she knows just what it takes to put the fun in family. Whether it be a festival or a simple home-cooked meal, Val is all about bringing people together and helping us connect!

Rachel Palmer.jpg

Rachel Palmer (she/her)

Board Member & Administrator

Having witnessed family members face hardships in the foster care system, Rachel wanted to help change things but wasn't sure how. She was thrilled to be invited to the Elysium Sanctuary team and now works to make sure that foster youth have the support and resources they need to lead fulfilling lives.

Hannah 2_edited.jpg

Hannah Larson (she/her)

Volunteer Coordinator

Hannah has always been dedicated to helping her community. After spending a few years providing job support to the IDD community and working as a hospice Volunteer Manager, she was excited to join Elysium Sanctuary's team and be a part of building brighter futures for foster families.


Nasha Nunez (she/they)

Financial Manager

Nasha has worked in the non-profit sector for over ten years and was excited to join the Elysium community! Nasha's goals are to assist the organization's finances so that we can best support our foster families.


Briana Nathanielsz (she/her)

Family Supports Coordinator

Briana discovered Elysium through browsing for volunteer opportunities at the Farmer’s Market and was inspired to be a part of the non-profit. Through her work in the public health field, Briana is committed to building strong communities for all people to feel seen and loved. Her positivity as a Family Supports Coordinator helps our foster families feel supported!


Alice Yan (she/her)

Web Designer

Alice enjoys working with and volunteering with non-profit organizations. As someone who likes to help communities in need and strives to encourage positive change, she is excited to support foster families with Elysium Sanctuary!


Anja Kent (she/her)

Fundraising Coordinator

With a background working with special needs children, a swim instructor, and being on the board of a children’s non-profit, Anja (on-y-a) has always had the heart to help children. After graduating with a master’s in psychology and being a part of the Alpha Chi National Honors Society, Anja can’t wait to put her skills towards helping to improve the lives of foster children.

JackieBarretta-47_full-size (2).jpg

Jackie Barretta (she/her)

Grant Writer

Jackie is passionate about being a positive force for change and helping children thrive.  She has been a business leader for many years and is happy to use her skills to help Elysium's fundraising initiatives.


Irene Pellegrini (She/they)

Grant Writer

Irene first began her community work in the University District of Seattle as a coordinator for a youth meal program, and as a volunteer at a local harm reduction clinic. The relationships she built during this time helped her realize how much support is needed for groups and individuals navigating these systems, as she witnessed the perpetual cycle of marginalization that occurs when whole communities are allowed to fall through the cracks. Irene is very excited to be a part of Elysium, helping to secure grants that allow us to continue our work of supporting foster families!

Our Team & Partners: Meet the Team

Partners & Sponsors


Jessica Duggan

Jessica is a skilled baker who designs and donates the cakes for our foster youth birthdays and other special events. From "Frozen" to "sweet 16"- inspired desserts, Jessica has been kind enough to put our many requested themes to the test!


OnPoint Community Credit Union

OnPoint Community Credit Union, a community-owned financial institution dedicated to building strong communities in Oregon through financial growth and well-being, has been one of the biggest sponsors of our Family Supports Program, particularly when it comes to funding foster birthdays and other special events!


Together We Rise

Together We Rise, an organization that provides people who cannot become resource (foster) parents a way to still help children in foster care, has partnered with us to offer clothing and other valuable supplies.

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Our Team & Partners: Programs
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