What We Do

Education & Awareness

We raise awareness of the issues facing foster youth and foster parents across Oregon while reducing misunderstandings and stigma around foster care.

Outreach & Training

We encourage more people down the path of foster parenthood and provide them with the support and training they need to meet the needs of their family.

Community Development

We are building a network of solidarity, tangible resources, and friendship to support foster youth and their families in the ways they need most.


Our Programs


Guardian Circle

Foster parenthood can come with unique challenges. Guardian Circle provides foster parents and other guardians with a space to share experiences, resources, and engage in self-care. View our Upcoming Events or the Portland Facebook Support Group to join our community, even if it's just online!

Guardianship Training

We provide guidance for anyone interested in becoming a foster parent, respite provider, or babysitter and connect them with training opportunities and other valuable resources. Send us an email if you want to learn more!


Family Support

We provide services such as clothing, prepped meals, and birthday or special event planning for foster families who could use a bit of extra help. Email us if you're interested!

Pet Support

Animal companionship offers unique psychological benefits and can help foster youth develop healthy bonds and life skills. This programs provides financial support and guidance for pet supplies and training.


Family Fun

We organize events, activities, and other opportunities for foster youth and families to connect with each other and other families. This program is on hiatus due to COVID-19 but will resume when able.


Upcoming Programs

We are gathering support for the following programs. Visit our Get Involved page to help us make them a reality!

Love at first bark

This program will match foster youth/families with rescue animals and assist them with adoption procedures, animal education, food costs, and health-related costs.

Child Care & Transportation

Foster parents often need help balancing their parental and other responsibilities. This program will organize and assist in the costs of transportation, playdates, babysitting, daycare, and other forms of child care.

Skill-building workshops

This program will organize skill-building workshops and activities for foster youth such as aquaponic gardening/farming, cooking, financial planning, woodshop, metalshop, tiny home construction, music & arts, and land stewardship.

Community base

One of our more aspirational goals is to purchase a physical space to serve as a community resource and activity center for foster families, as well as a living space for those interested in experiencing communal living with other foster families. In line with our core values of stewardship and education, the designs and features of this space will promote holistic learning and environmentally-friendly practices.

Tutoring Services

This program will offer tutoring services to foster youth grades kindergarten through 12th.